We help kids to learn to run and build their confidence.

Imagine your kids looked forward to running instead of dreading the next school cross-country carnival

It is possible!

Especially after they spend 9 weeks with us learning to run, making new friends, and cultivating healthy habits.

How it works

Each week we meet up to do our weekly group running session.
It’s fun, and designed to help kids improve week after week. The goal is to get them running continuously for 30 minutes to start with, then as they progress through the groups, we work on different techniques – building their con dence as they go.

Time commitment

Just like other sports, there’s a commitment to show up for the group session as well as doing training in between (2 home runs). Kids can arrange to meet up or if the mums are also doing the Get Running pro- gram, you can do it together and keep each other accountable. Allow 30-45 minutes each run to allow for warm up,
the run, and cool down stretches.

You can now use your Active Kids Voucher with Kids on the Run. Please send an email to mel@kidsontherun.com.au and we will send you a code.

Come and join us!